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Triggered McCree Wannabe :iconmitzimittz:MitziMittz 18 65 Day 12: Alolan Ninetails :iconmarvel-ousnerd:Marvel-ousNerd 5 1 happy birthday to u ! :iconpeepkid:peepkid 17 5 Hamilton Request #1: JOHN LAURENS! :iconflygonnie:Flygonnie 20 13 Hamilton Sketches :iconvilliethedj:VillieTheDJ 58 32 Zoroark :iconjon9jon9jon:JON9JON9JON 10 0 Primal Groudon :iconjon9jon9jon:JON9JON9JON 11 3 Emoji Meme :iconvolkerschild:Volkerschild 12 36 inked :iconautumnbirds:Autumnbirds 28 4 Minerva (OC) :iconblackandwhite202:BlackandWhite202 33 3 Plasma Pea :iconzechompy:ZeChompy 20 11 oh shit its guzma :iconmkmwildcat:MKMwildcat 32 3 Redline for xDeadpuffx :iconblackrathmar:blackrathmar 42 12 pokemon trainer flytee :iconsuperlucky13:superlucky13 24 2 laffy taffy :iconpeepkid:peepkid 38 5 Mourning :icondaydreamdire:daydreamdire 48 14



fun fact: turbo's last name, although widely unknown, is actually "volt"
not "powered"
tbh mega absol is kinda cool

woaaa i drew storm again

(this was really just a doodle i decided to upload so thats why its not shaded)

i still have yet to draw him with shard

Pokemon owned by Nintendo.
so one of my newer ocs is a gothitelle and i was reading some of its dex entries

embedded_item1490146468179 by xTURBOPOWEREDx
i love how the only other pokemon that can learn High Horsepower are Snorlax and Golurk
Storm and Shard
whoaa new ocs

(ALSO these aren't Turbo's Pokemon, they belong to a different oc of mine named Silver Frahst)

Ability: Pressure
Nature: Lonely
Item: Absolite
Play Rough
Knock Off
Sucker Punch
Swords Dance
side notes:
-a little edgy sometimes
-usually encouraging most of the time
-was Silver's first Pokemon
-doesn't like to lose
-light sleeper
-likes to watch sunrises
-can glide in the air with his wings while he's in his mega evolved form
-loves Enigma Berries
-used to be pretty lonely but ever since he met Shard he's been happier
-is always reasonable and thinks of how to solve a problem before trying to do anything
-has a relationship with Shard

Ability: Snow Cloak
Nature: Bold
Item: Amulet Coin
Ice Beam
Aurora Veil
side notes:
-usually upbeat but she can easily be saddened
-very friendly
-despises warm weather
-likes to make friends
-loves Castelia Cones
-has participated in Pokemon Contests before with Silver
-likes to wear cute things
-doesn't like to be frustrated
-hates to be confused
-innocent cinnamon roll
-has a relationship with Storm

Pokemon owned by Nintendo.


xTURBOPOWEREDx's Profile Picture
aint sayin boi
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
oh hey you found my profile

i do mostly Pokemon fan art and the occasional PVZ fan art and whatever else comes to my mind lma o

y'all can call me just Turbo for short cuz my username is long af

>traditional art mostly
>requests/commissions are closed
>fully supports the LGBTQ+ community lez g o
>also is hamilton tras h

?) why is your icon a walrus with a top hat and a monocle
bc walruz


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Thank you for the favorite!
xTURBOPOWEREDx Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
no prob !
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Danshooter: Hi nk: Hello girltunia 45: Hello female
Nerdy-Cupcake Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You know about all the drama that happened?
Think about what happened over these few months whilst listening to this -
Trust me, it makes it better to deal with and more amusing.
GelatinBellyMia Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
You do wonderful woRK AAA its all so nice
I Hope you keep it up and have a wonderful day c:
xTURBOPOWEREDx Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
aaAAA TYSM it means a lot <3
danshooter246 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Hey uhh sorry to bother you but on saint Patricks day witch character do you want me to draw on the drawing
xTURBOPOWEREDx Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
uhhh idk??? just draw Maxie i guess
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GelatinBellyMia Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist

Have a llama

(Though i'd rather it'd be the cake >-<)
xTURBOPOWEREDx Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
aa dont worry, i only like ice cream cake XD
and thanks for the watch lol
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